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Vital Sleep Review

VitalSleep Review: Rise and Shine after a Snore-free Sleep with VitalSleep

What do I do most of the time when I am online? I search for anti-snoring devices. Yes! I am a heavy snorer and none of my family members like to sleep next to me. Not even my dog. This makes me feel really bad and I hunt for anti-snoring devices that can help me get rid of my heavy and loud snores. While I prefer mandibular advancement devices to chain straps and non-invasive tongue stabilizing devices, I am too specific about the look and feel, the comfort and also the durability. After searching throughout, I have a clear cut winner in front of my eyes and that is the VitalSleep mouthpiece. Here is a quick and easy to understand VitalSleep review where I have clearly detailed why I have become a huge fan of this product. Go through this and get enlightened about this snoring mouthpiece that has changed my life by making me acceptable to my near and dear ones once again:

Product Description

There are plenty of anti-snore mouthpieces which come in custom fit designs. But what makes VitalSleep special is that it has a flexible frame which makes the jaws move side to side. This reduces the stress on the jaws and also eliminates the chances of soreness inside the mouth. This design also keeps my teeth safe as it reduces tooth grinding. This invasive mouthpiece comes with 7mm adjustment feature between the upper and lower frames. To get this adjustment done, there are hex screws fitted on either side. This reminds me that I need to be careful with these micro structures which stay inside my mouth all the time. Like other mandibular advancement devices, VitalSleep keeps your lower jaw in the correct position when you sleep so that there is no airway obstruction and this leads to zero or reduced snores.

Easy Procurement and easy usage

For people like me who prefer online shopping and easy home delivery, VitalSleep is the ideal choice. All I did was that I browsed through the website, placed the order and cleared the cash bill. Once I received the product, fitting the mouthpiece was like walking on a piece of cake with very fewer customization requirements. Upon usage, I found it actually reduced my snores despite of being designed with plenty of gaps and crevices. Also, if you are a mouth breather and use this mouthpiece, you shall have an easy way of respiration while at sleep with the placement of the air hole. Those users who have partial dentures find the product easy to use as well.



Coming with a plethora of advantages, this anti-snoring mouthpiece has become a very popular choice for the users. Wondering to know the amazing benefits? Here they are-

  • It is extremely light in weight
  • Made up of irritation free thermoplastic material
  • Reduces snoring instantly after usage
  • Can be customized through boil and bite method
  • In most cases it eliminates snoring completely
  • Feels natural inside the mouth due to flexible frame
  • Helps to minimize tooth grinding
  • Easy and convenient to use regularly
  • Comes with warranty for replacements
  • The shipments arrive quickly

Some of the reported Cons

  • It has too many crevices which make it hard to clean
  • This device needs frequent adjustments
  • People with braces or bridge work in their mouth cannot wear this mouthpiece

Additional pointers

Here are few additional pointers that according to me, makes VitalSleep the best among the available list of similar products in the market. Firstly, it comes with an adjustable side to side placement structure which helps the jaws to move smoothly. Secondly, the medically tested plastic does not harm your jaw from inside or cause any infection. Thirdly, this product being approved by the FDA and the BBB is absolutely safe to use. Lastly, this flexible frame design provides a natural feel and does not cause any irritation. The two sizes in which this mouthpiece is available are the common sizes which fit anyone.

Usage instructions

By now, it is evident that I have to use the boil and bite technique to get the desired custom fit. The material being flexible and durable helps the device to stay put even when someone indulges in tooth grinding. So after procurement, I molded my VitalSleep mouthpiece before every usage. This invasive mouthpiece comes with 7mm adjustment between the upper and lower frames which position the lower jaw perfectly. To get this adjustment done, there are hex screws on both the sides of the device. Hence, custom fitting the VitalSleep to your mouth needs to be done with utmost care.

Cost versus functionality

Cost is one factor where I generally get stuck while choosing my anti-snoring device. I look for a simple device that is durable and is cost effective as well. VitalSleep is one such device that comes with a price that is affordable and doesn’t lay too much stress on the pocket. Also, it provides several offers that are simply irresistible. I bought mine at an attractive offer of $60 including the shipping and handling charges. Also, you get the full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. So, you needn’t worry at all before ordering this device. There is a product warranty of six months and within this time-period, any worn out part can be easily replaced if needed. Thus, VitalSleep is a true value for money anti-snore device that you can order right now without giving a second thought.

Review factors

The product has ranked high compared to its competitors in several aspects. Based on the customer feedbacks, durability, and effectiveness, the overall rating of this product is given as follows:

My first impression on VitalSleep was that it has a lot of gaps in its design, will it work? Proving me wrong, this guy not just gave me a sound sleep but also helped me to sleep peacefully without disturbing my house mates. And the best and most profitable thing is that it does it all at a cost that is very much affordable. With so much to appreciate including the side to side mobility and reduced strain, I would strongly recommend the VitalSleep for anyone who is a heavy snorer like me, over other market counterparts. So, if you are like me who wishes to sleep sans snores, order for VitalSleep now!

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