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PureSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review

PureSleep offers Pure and Sound Sleep to Enjoy a Blissful Morning

I am a heavy snorer. My snores have kept my wife, my kids and even my pet awake throughout the night. The kids who love my presence during the night time, run away into their room the moment they hear me snore. A disturbed sleep at night and even a disturbed unrestful morning made my wife grow temperamental. This was thus taking a toll on my life and I was passing stressful days and nights. In order to end this biggest problem of my life once for all, I decided to try and test the different anti-snore devices that are safe and friendly. Among all the devices that I inspected, I found the mouthpiece based mandibular advancement devices to be the best for snorers like me who suffer from severe airway obstruction at night. With numerous reviews, multiple trials I found my life savour in the form of PureSleep anti-snore mouthpiece. How? Here is my PureSleep review with answers to every question regarding snore elimination.


Working principle

For snorers, the lower jaw needs slight placement adjustment so that the airway obstruction can be removed. Considering this, the PureSleep mandibular advancement device comes in two pieces. These pieces need to be fitted perfectly so that they can hold the jaw in the forward position. PureSleep does not come with any tongue holder which will keep the tongue static to avoid further snoring. There is an air hole which helps the snorers to breathe with their mouth. Otherwise, there will be chances that they get suffocated. Also, this device comes with the custom fit which guarantees snore reduction by at least 70 percent. This mouthpiece stays in its place even if you flip a million times in deep sleep. The device has a lot of crevices, so its cleaning needs a bit more time and attention. Also, these mouthpieces are quite durable and easily last for 10 months or so, if the maintenance is good. These are the solid features which make PureSleep lead its counterparts in the rat race.


Amicable advantages

You can expect a good number of benefits from this anti-snoring device. Here are some of the advantages that it offers to the users:

  • This boil and bite device with lower jaw adjustment provides the best custom fit
  • This gives complete relief from snoring problem
  • This mouthpiece is made up of medically safe plastic that is free from latex and BPA
  • It is an FDA and BBB approved product
  • PureSleep has an air hole to help people who breathe with mouth
  • This mouthpiece comes with a durability of 6 to 9months
  • You will get two at the cost of one mouthpiece
  • The product will be shipped safely with a minimal shipping cost


Noticeable disadvantages

Though there are more positive points of this anti-snoring device, a few minor disadvantages that you might experience while using this method are mentioned out here:

  • It comes as two pieces which need to be fitted together
  • The setting of the device can’t be altered after conducting the boil and bite method
  • You might experience soreness in mouth after first few usages
  • It sometimes causes too much drooling
  • PureSleep cannot be worn by people with tooth issues, dentures or bridge work
  • The shipping takes a long time to get delivered

Worth for money

An anti-snoring device should help in reducing or eliminating snores completely. In this regard, PureSleep is doing its job perfectly. This mandibular advancement device, fits itself perfect to the lower jaw, keeps the airway clear and hence causes no soft tissue vibration or airway obstruction. Moreover, for a mouth breathing person, this device is extremely good as it gives free access to breathe without any danger of getting suffocated. The company has a good reputation in the market and the product is durable as well. Also, the cost can be equated to the best custom fit that you get in return. This product is tested and accredited by the BBB and hence can be bought with full confidence. As I prefer custom fit over any other common jaw fitting, for me the PureSleep is the ideal option. If you feel these factors are important for you as well, then vouch for this mandibular advancement device.

Usage Instructions

There are few pointers that I should mention here regarding the usage of this PureSleep mouthpiece. Firstly, it comes in two pieces, one for the upper jaw and another for the lower jaw, which needs to be fitted together. Secondly, you should adjust the advancement of the lower jaw as per your requirement using the setting of the device. Thirdly, when you have connected the two parts, use the boil and bite technique to get the best fit. Moreover, as this device has lots of crevices the cleaning has to be done very carefully and with a lot of patience. If you leave any corner untouched, the accumulated bacteria can lead to infection.

Attractive Offers

Like many of its counterparts in the market, PureSleep comes with a 30-day free trial. I got two mouthpieces at the cost of one which made the deal even attractive. The shipping and handling charges cost me about $60. It does sound a little expensive, but once you get the fit right, it is the best product to relieve the heavy snoring troubles. Once I placed my order, I received a list of 21 questions that were pertaining to my face structure, my jaw measurements and details which helped me to get the perfect fitting. Such intricate detailing makes this product different and of high quality in comparison to its competitor products. I found the trial to be satisfactory and   placed a permanent order by paying the required additional amount.

Based on usability and maintainability, the overall review of this mandibular advancement device is as follows:


When I used to see the grumpy faces of my family members early in the morning and get constant complaints of their disturbed sleep due to my heavy snoring I was guilt-ridden. But after using PureSleep anti-snoring device, I am tension free and so is my family. The comfort and the pleasure of having undisturbed night sleep makes it all the more worthy of money. So, if you are looking for a high quality anti-snoring mouthpiece, my recommendation would be to use PureSleep. You can check out the website to place a call and get your device at the earliest to get benefitted like me throughout!

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