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aveoTSD – Say ‘Bye’ to Snores and ‘Hi’ to Happy Sleep:

Life is happy when you enjoy a sound sleep at night. But despite of having any fault of yours, if your sleep is disturbed how will you feel? Devastated isn’t it? Staying awake all night listening to the snores of your beloved is really troublesome for you.

To make things better you check with your friends and subscribe for anti-snoring devices that are mostly designed as chin wraps or mandibular advancement devices. While the chin wraps are non invasive, the mandibular advancement devices are mostly invasive, and they wear out over a period of time.

To save your effort, money and energy you can try the new class of tongue stabilization devices that are mostly non invasive and holds the tongue to its place to avoid air flow obstruction. One such device is the AveoTSD that has become favourite of many with its brilliant feature sets. Here is a list of important pointers that makes AveoTSD special and most wanted by customers.

Working technique

So do you have an idea how it works? Well, it is slightly different from mandibular advancement devices that hold the lower jaw in a position that clears all the airway obstruction. The AveoTSD is a tongue stabilizing device that works on suction principle. This holds the tongue in a position so that it allows your airway to be cleared without any obstructions. This works in opposition to the gravitational effect that pulls the tongue back towards the throat, thereby causing the airway to be blocked and force the air to vibrate when it passes through the tongue and soft tissues underneath which comes out as a snore. When the TSD holds the tongue, snores are completely eliminated. The mouthpiece is minimally invasive unlike the MAD anti-snores. Also, these are made out of medically approved silicone which does not cause any gum irritation in future. Available in three sizes, the AveoTSD is apt for you if you are not a mouth breather and you need the best anti-snore device.


Whenever it comes to the advantages offered by this effective device, the list is just endless. Here are the benefits listed as a part of the AveoTSD review by the experts. Check these out to get a better idea about this device:

  • No custom fit is needed as it comes in a ready-to-use form
  • Three sizes available in the market to choose from as per convenience
  • Lasts for a year or more easily
  • Helps to get rid of snoring completely within a few days
  • Less non-invasive in nature
  • Made out of medically approved silicone which feels soft
  • Can be worn by people with missing tooth, dentures or any kind of crowns or bridges
  • It is shipped within a very short period


Here are some of the reported cons of this anti-snoring mouthpiece that you need to know:

  • Cannot used by people who breathe with their mouth
  • This can cause soreness in mouth if sucked too tightly
  • It is not recommended for those who have sinus problems or nasal polyps
  • Some people might drool a lot initially
  • It might fall off at night if it remains loose
  • Shipping takes time, and many regions are not covered in online shipment offers

Attractive aspects

Though there are a number of attractive aspects to name, the biggest attraction of AveoTSD is that it is durable, easy to clean and comes from a company that has a great reputation. Also, this device has a mouthpiece which is made up of medical grade silicone that not only feels soft and soothing on the tongue but also causes no harm to the mouth in any way. Many users who have used it have reported of initial soreness that gets cured in a week or so. Also, you can get three sizes from which you can choose the right fit. These flexibilities make this device a true value for money product. This device is developed by a doctor and is clinically tested by many regulatory agents. This fact adds, even more, value to the investment.

Usage instruction

This anti-snoring device is quite different from the boil and bite devices that need precise fit which is done at laboratories. You can easily wear the AveoTSD by yourself at home without any assistance. Wash the device with hot water before usage as it will help you to slide your tongue into it easily. In order to get used to the device it is recommended that you wear it around the home for at least 7 days. Once you wear it for the first few days keep the suction strong until you understand the correct intensity of suction required. You might drool a lot or the device might fall during the night if the suction is not correct. Also while buying the device choose the right size that will fit you to get the desired result of getting rid of snores.

Mind blowing offers

When you subscribe to an anti-snoring device, you look into the cost, the home delivery options, returnable offers or even warranty benefits. All these are beforehand discussed and the AveoTSD comes at a nominal cost, free shipment, and home delivery options. Along with that, it comes with a free trial and money back guarantee as well. You can order your product online quite easily but based on your geographical location, the pricing varies in– $90 to $120. Last but not the least; there is a six-month warranty for the mouthpiece. Aren’t these enough for you to order immediately?

Based on customer feedbacks, the company profile, the product usability and effectiveness, the overall rating of this product is given below:

In short this tongue stabilizing device is above average, non invasive and one step ahead of its market counterparts. It really keeps your tongue held in its position and also helps you to breathe freely. Though there is no guarantee that it can put a full stop to apnea related troubles, it is guaranteed that this product can eliminate snoring to a great extent. You not only get to sleep longer but also sleep better. Thus, to get a good quality of life, brilliant energized mornings and amazing happiness, go on and subscribe to AveoTSD immediately! You surely will feel happy and energized every morning you wake up. It’s a promise!

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