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Snore Solutions: Review and Comparison

If snoring is causing you and your partner sleepless nights, emotional stress and you are bogged down by the information at your disposal for selecting the best solution for your problem, then this, my friend is the right place to not only getting good advice on various products available but also the one that best suits your specific needs. Here we will try to show you a comparison of 6 products that are available in the market and great options to choose from.

Good Morning Snore Solution

good morning snoring solutions

  • This is a tongue stabilizing device or TSD that is the market leader in snore solutions.
  • Holds tongue in a forward position and doesn’t pull your jaw, creating unblocked airway passage.
  • FDA-compliant, BPA-free and is made from latex-free medical-grade resin.
  • Priced at $99.94 for a single piece, this comes in an easy to use shape and size that fits all.
  • FDA approved.

Snore Rx

  • Is a type of Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) that holds the jaw in a forward position to prevent snoring in patients.
  • The mouthpiece has to be boiled in water for 30 seconds, cooled to room temperature, inserted into mouth to create jaw impression then put into cold water for solidifying. This creates a customized mouthpiece for the user.
  • Has an FDA approved easy to use and clean design without any screws or rubber bands.
  • Good lifespan of about 12-15 months, one device costs $99.


  • Another type of MAD that comes in two sizes, medium for males and small for females. Uses boil and bite technique to acquire the shape and size of the jaw.
  • Comes with a Hex tool that lets you adjust it to fit your mouth perfectly without any problems.
  • Made from DuPont thermoplastic which is approved by FDA and is BPA and Latex free.
  • Available for $59.95 and lasts for a good 12 months.


  • As the name suggests, is a tongue stabilizing device, made from medical grade silicone that doesn’t irritate your gums.
  • Best to first use it during daytime while during normal activities like reading, watching tv, so that the user becomes accustomed to it.
  • Does require some getting used to.
  • Priced at $140, is FDA approved.

PureSleep mouthpiece

  • Another mandibular advancement, boil and bite device that comes in three different settings.
  • Made from 2 different types of plastic, both of which are BPA free.
  • One piece lasts 6-9 months and costs $59.90.
  • The device is FDA approved, but can cause soreness.
  • Jaw size once set cannot be changed.

SomnoGuard AP

  • One more mandibular advancement device that is infinitely adjustable and provides up to 10mm adjustment, so is especially useful for people with over or under bite.
  • Has an easy to use and easy to clean design that also lets you breathe through your mouth.
  • Manufactured from medical-grade dental thermoplastic is priced at $256.95

An effective snore treatment: Good Morning Snore Solution

Tired after a long day at work or or running after the kids, wanting to catch a good nights sleep so you are fresh and active the next day but have a partner or spouse that snores? Well, that is a combination that does not gel well. Snoring is a major problem that can be bad for both the person who snores and the one who has to listen to the constant drum roll being meted out by the snorer. Snoring can be a deal breaker for many people.

Best preferred Solution for Snoring in USA, UK and AUS

If you are suffering from this sleep disorder or know someone who does, this a product you should definitely try. Good Morning Snore Solution from MPowRx is an affordable, comfortable, FDA approved, revolutionary device that will stop snoring. It helps in clearing your airway so you and your partner can get a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Convenient and cost effective

Good morning snore solution’s cost effective technology cures snoring and doesn’t pull out your jaw. It’s a unique approach and offers the most benefits unlike the traditional methods of jaw strapping, mouth guards or other expensive solutions like customized pillows or devices that pull out your jaw.

It’s FDA approved!!

GMSS-336x280Not only is the device undergone multiple clinical trials and passed them with flying colors, it’s also free of BPA and is cleared by EEA, FDA, ARTG and Health Canada. The mouthpiece guarantees great results with regular use and makes sure you get a stress free experience. Not only this, it comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Clinically proven to show great results

The good morning snore solution has been tested on various patients of varying age group and has shown excellent results. Respondents were given 2 devices to use; one being ‘Good Morning Snore Solution’ and another that did not use the technique of suction. A huge majority of people, almost 70% responded well to good morning snore solution and preferred it over the other device.

Easy to use

  • The good morning snore solution comes in a single size that fits all age groups.
  • It can take some getting used to but that is always the case with any external device you place in your mouth.
  • The mouthpiece causes no pain and is easy to use.
  • There are no side effects of using the good morning snore solution.
  • It’s fairly easy to maintain too. You can buy a verified cleansing solution from a local pharmacist and use it to clean your mouthpiece after each use.

Customer Reviews

According to the latest statistics, the Good morning snore solution is the best device on the market for treating snoring. People who have used it state that the claims made by the company are actually true. Using this device regularly has shown tremendous response and users have actually experienced deep comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Surgical procedures for treating snoring

Surgery is the last resort for treatment of snoring and is tried only in cases where all other medical and conservative managements fail. Surgery is undertaken only when there’s evidence that snoring has an adverse effect on your health or quality of life. Surgery also isn’t suitable for most cases of snoring. It isn’t usually recommended for people with sleep apnoea because there are more effective treatments available, such as using breathing devices to help with breathing. Depending on the cause of your snoring, you can opt for a palatal surgery or a nasal abnormality correction.

There are four basic surgical procedures:

  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
  • Laser-assisted uvuloplatoplasty (LAUP)
  • Radio-frequency ablation (Somnoplasty)
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

snoring surgeryUPPP involves removing excess tissue in the throat like uvula and pharyngeal arches, partially removing  the soft palate and sometimes the tonsils. This widens the airway and leads to a smoother airflow. It’s done under general anesthesia during which the patient is asleep. Removing the uvula can affect one’s ability to pronounce certain sounds, but it doesn’t affect one’s ability to speak English.

LAUP  is considered to be a safer, more economical and a more comfortable alternative to UPPP. It involves vaporizing the free edge of the soft palate and uvula. The tonsils are not removed with this procedure. It can be done under local or general anaesthesia.

Somnoplasty is a procedure that uses an electrical current to shrink and stiffen the back part of the roof of the mouth. This stiffens the soft palate and uvula and they are less likely to vibrate and less snoring.  The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis  and the patient need not stay in the hospital overnight.

CPAP is most often done to treat obstructive sleep apnea, and involves wearing a device that opens the airway with a small amount of positive pressure delivered through a pressurized nasal mask worn during sleep. The mask is attached to a small pump that forces air through the airway, which keeps it open. Although CPAP is the most reliable method of treating OSA, some people find it uncomfortable or have trouble adjusting to the noise or feel of the machine.

Soft palate implants can be used to treat snoring that has been confirmed to be due to vibration of the soft palate. Several implants made out of synthetic material are injected into the palate, causing it to stiffen. This helps prevent the soft palate, fro
m vibrating while sleeping. Palatal implants don’t have any known serious side effects. However, the benefits and safety of the procedure are still being studied.

  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy may be used if you have enlarged tonsils and adenoids that block the airway during sleep and cause snoring.
  • Nasal septoplasty straightens the bone and septum to create more passage in the airway. Changing the position of the bony structures in the upper airway allows air to flow more freely.
  • Nasal polypectomy is done to remove nasal polyps that block the nasal passages.