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Best 4 Anti-Snore Devices for Snorers- A Quick Analysis

Snoring is an issue that many people face day in and day out. While some tend to ignore it calling it genetic, some try different techniques to get rid of snoring. While, the basic reason of snoring is air flow obstruction in the wind pipe one can easily subscribe to anti-snore devices and feel better at night. While there are many devices available in the market an end user needs to know the difference between each of the model and choose the best for themselves. Here is some basic information related to anti-snore devices and the comprehensive list of top four anti-snore devices-

What are Anti-Snore Devices?

Anti-snore devices are those clinically designed devices that suppress snores with their intelligent designs. Most of these devices are invasive, that can be worn inside the mouth. A few of them are non-invasive that are worn around the face and nose. These devices mainly try to adjust the lower jaw placement, tongue etc. during sleep and keep them in a fixed position to remove airway obstruction which are the main causes of snores. There are two types of anti-snore devices namely invasive mouthpieces and non invasive chin wraps. Both of these types of devices have different principle of operation and usage instructions.

Mouthpiece versus Device

Working principle

While anti-snoring mouthpieces are kept inside the mouth, the devices are worn on the face and head. The mouthpieces could be further classified into mandibular advancement devices and tongue restricting devices. The former type holds the lower jaw upright during sleep, while the latter type holds the tongue in one position. In both these styles, the idea is to maximize the space for air to pass freely with zero obstruction. Unlikely, the anti-snoring devices like chinstraps are worn around the head like a band. This holds the jaw in a forward position fixed throughout the night giving a peaceful sleep without snoring.

Usage instructions

While the mouthpieces like mandibular advancement devices and the tongue restricting devices need to be worn inside the mouth, the non invasive straps need to be worn outside. In the mandibular advancement devices, one has to get a custom fit so that the jaw stays in position and also the device stays in place still during sleep at night. Some customization techniques are like the boil and bite method can be implemented for achieving the best fit possible. These invasive mouthpieces are checked for manufacturer material quality so that they don’t cause soreness in the mouth on regular usage. As the mouthpieces are required to be reused for a long period of time these should be kept clean after every usage. On the contrary, anti-snoring devices like the chin straps can be worn easily anywhere being at anyplace without giving much effort.

Advantages, disadvantages

Both the mouthpieces and devices have their own list of merits and demerits. Read on here to know about them:

Mouthpiece advantages

  • It is compact, light in weight and comfortable during sleeping routine
  • This device controls snores to a great extent by keeping the jaw and tongue in fixed positions
  • Mouthpieces are flexible and easy to wear

Mouthpiece disadvantages

  • This requires cleaning every time it is worn and removed
  • This device need- to be tailor-made for a custom fit
  • It can wear off easily due to repeated usage
  • Mouthpieces can fall off during the middle of sleep routine

Device advantages

  • A device  is non-invasive in nature
  • It doesn’t require cleaning every day as it is worn over the face and head
  • It keeps the face in upright position throughout the night and there is no worry of its slip or fall

Device disadvantages

  • This is not compact but visible to everyone
  • It is available in standard sizes which might not fit men or women properly

The Best among the Rest

Among the anti-snore devices available, one should choose the best-suited one for their mouth and their wallet. Good Morning Snore Solutions, Zyppah, Vital Sleep, Z-Quiet are some of the most popular anti-snoring devices available in the market. Here is a brief introduction of each of these products for better understanding:

Good Morning Snore Solutions

Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue restricting device that comes with a mouthpiece and a suction bulb that gets attached to the tip of the tongue. It holds the tongue in place and reduces snoring to a great extent.


Zyppah is a mandibular advancement device that is worn as a mouthpiece.   This keeps the lower jaw a little down to avoid airway obstruction. It also comes with a tongue holder that assures that the user’s tongue does not flip at night.

Vital Sleep

Vital Sleep is another mandibular advancement device that comes with custom fit. It also allows 7 mm adjustment between the upper and lower frames to position the lower jaw perfectly to avoid snores. It is made out of a smooth user-friendly material.


Zquiet is a popular anti-snoring device coming with a patented hinge design that fills the mouth structures and pushes the lower jaw to allow air flow freely. This mandibular advancement device is highly flexible and easy to use and clean on a regular basis.


Comparison Chart

Features Zyppah ZQuiet Vital Sleep Good Morning Snore Solutions
Efficiency Compact and customizable Compact and customizable Less customization Small compact and effective
Durability 6 months to 1 year 6 months to 1 year 6 months Up to 1 year
Soreness in mouth Mild soreness in mouth Mild soreness in mouth Heavy sores Soreness for a week time
Cost $90 $90 $60 $100
Maintainability Needs to be cleaned daily Needs to be cleaned daily Needs to be cleaned daily Need to clean daily
Warranty available No warranty available available
Money back guarantee 30 days trial available 90 days trial available 180 days Trial available 30 days trial available
Free shipping and delivery Available Available Available available
Customer support available available available available


These are some of the best mouthpieces and devices available in the market which helps to control snoring. From the chart, the user can select the best suited device for himself or herself and order the perfect size. At the end of the day, the aim of these devices is to sleep peacefully and let others sleep in peace as well.



When it comes to choosing the best anti-snoring device, there are plenty of questions customers prefer to ask the vendors. Here are some FAQ’s listed which are indispensable for the users to know for choosing the best anti-snoring mouthpiece or device for their perennial use-

Who can use it these devices?

These anti-snoring devices are designed exclusively for the snorers. Whether they are light or heavy snorers their snore results in disturbed sleep for them and their family. Hence, they can subscribe to these anti-snoring devices and get benefited.

Why do people snore?

People snore because of airway obstruction. When air cannot move freely through the nose and throat it causes snores. When one is in deep sleep, due to the sleeping positions the airway gets obstructed and when the air passes through the soft tissues, it causes a slow vibrational noise. Snorers who have floppy tissues around their throat and nasal tissue tend to snore heavily.

Any side effects of using?

Snoring is not a disease. It is a medical condition that can be corrected and avoided with the help of invasive or non invasive anti-snoring devices. The only side effect of snoring is disturbed sleep which results in a slow and uneventful morning the next day.

Do I need to undergo surgery?

Snorers can rely on anti-snoring devices to feel better and enjoy a complete and relaxed sleep. But if one wishes to get a permanent relief, he or she can opt for the surgical treatment which will be the last option. The surgeon will examine the upper airway through endoscope and then decide the treatment procedure.

What are chinstraps?

Chinstraps are non-invasive anti-snoring devices which help to prevent snoring by holding the jaw in optimal position that keeps airway fee and non-obstructed. These are easy to use devices and need no effort and adjustments.

Can’t we stop snoring naturally?

Snoring can be stopped naturally if one’s nasal passages are cleared using nasal strips or nasal decongestant. Sinuses and stuffy nose can also trigger out snores. But that can be stopped by rinsing sinuses with saline water.

Which foods should be taken to overcome snoring?

There are a number of foods like turmeric, honey, low carbohydrates, fiber etc. which are said to have good effects on the snorers can reduce snoring problem to some extent.

Should I stop using a pillow to reduce snoring?

One needn’t to stop using pillows to reduce snoring. Rather, there are anti-snoring Pillows available in the market which could be used in place of normal pillows to reduce snoring safely.

Are there natural home remedies?

There are not many authentic natural home remedies for anti-snoring. One can try to rinse the sinus or blow the stuffy nose before sleeping to keep the airway unobstructed. For heavy snorers, anti-snoring devices can help to the maximum.